Easy and simple

Telosys aims to offer code generation for all.
It's a pragmatic tool, light, flexible and easy to use.

No UML model required.
Telosys only uses text files for models, templates, configuration, etc.

No lock in. You are not captive to the tool.
You can you use it temporarily (only for bootstrapping) or keep it for all your project lifecycle, it's up to you.

Quick start

You can use Telosys with any operating system, only Java is needed.

Download Telosys, unzip and you’re ready to start.

You can install models and templates examples from GitHub to discover how to generate your first pieces of code.

Get your project "on rails"

Apply your standards and conventions in Telosys templates.

Guarantee compliance with your best practices.

Reduce overall cost and development time.


Telosys lets you generate code for any type of language, framework, database or tool.

Get the code you want

Thanks to its great flexibility, you can get exactly the code you want.

You decide, Telosys adapts!

IDE independent

As everything is based on text files, you can use Telosys with any IDE or text editor.

Model from database

Telosys is able to create a model from database tables.

So if you have a relational database, you can convert it to a Telosys model.