Comments are not rendered at runtime.

Examples :

Single Line :

    ## This is a comment.
    #foreach ( $item in [3,2,1] ) ## End of line comment
    . item = $item

Multi-line comment :

    This is a multiline comment.
    This is the second line

    This text is visible. #* This text, as part of a multi-line
    comment, is not visible. This text is not visible; it is also
    part of the multi-line comment. This text still not
    visible. *# This text is outside the comment, so it is visible.

VTL comment block ( other multi-line comment )
It may be used to store any sort of extra information (e.g. javadoc-style author and versioning information)

    My VTL comment block
    @author foo
    @version 5